It’s All in the Technique

Greetings from Suzanne Tuesday 11th January 2011
It’s All In The Technique
Jack Nicklaus, Greg Norman, Nick Price, Tiger Woods, Nick Faldo, Annika Sorenstam
– They’re all great drivers of the golf ball and they’ve also all held the title of WORLD #1. Apart from this they all have one other thing in common; they all hover the Driver behind the ball at address, not resting it on the ground before swinging. 

Why? Well Greg Norman feels that it helps him keep his grip pressure constant. Think about it; as you stand over a shot you have a natural tendency to re-grip, and each time your hands shift on the club – even a fraction – it has a major effect on the outcome of the shot.

Hovering the club also promotes a very smooth one-piece takeaway, with the clubhead flowing straight from the ball. There will be no tendency to snap the clubhead up quickly and vertically, creating a Ferris wheel like swing that comes ‘over the top’ resulting in a dreaded slice for the vast majority of golfers.

Moving past the Driver it’s also a handy technique when your ball is perched in a precarious lie in the rough. How many times has the sole of your club clipped something on your takeaway and put you off a shot? A few times I imagine. I bet most of you haven’t stopped to re-address, choosing instead to make an unsure swing with dire consequences!

Not that many players – pro or amateur – hover the club at address, probably because this is not an easy method to master, but if you can learn it, you’ll add consistency and give yourself a big advantage over the vast majority of golfers. Click here if you’d like to contact me or if you have any queries about this method.

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Warm Regards,
Coach Suzanne

Does the sight of your ball heading towards a bunker instil a sense of fear or dread? It shouldn’t. The image below shows just three ways to ‘tune’ your game from the bunkers. Follow one of the clicks through from the image or ask me next time you’re in the shop if you’d like to drastically improve this area of your game.

If you’re a club golfer you WILL improve your scores if you make better use of your Wedges. Period.
Now part of this is certainly technique – you don’t change your Wedges and drop 8 strokes overnight – but don’t overlook the part that technology plays in this critical area of your game.
If your Wedges have the right combinations of bounce and loft to suit your swing you’ll be far more likely to
find a shot in just about every scenario, but to control that shot you need spin; and that’s where you need
grooves. Maximise friction between the Wedge’s face and the ball and you’ll create more stopping power; for the
majority of golfers this could mean a three-footer instead of a seven-footer and that means you’ve doubled your
chances of getting ‘up and down’.
Time has nearly run out for you to purchase a pre-2011 Wedge with the aggressively sized ZIP grooves – Manufacturers can only sell them up until 1st January 2011 – but (critically) YOU can still play with them
until 2024.
Now there’s obviously no technology which will allow the grooves on a Wedge to last for 14 years but that
doesn’t mean you can’t have an advantage for a year or two. Upgrade now before they become collector’s items!

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