Cup Getting Smaller?

Greetings from Suzanne                                                              12th January 2011


When it comes to Putting we need to be realistic in our expectations; even the
Professionals on Tour only make 50% from 6 feet… That said, think – or even better,
record – how many putts do you make from 6 feet. Now imagine how many more you’d
make if the cup was 50% bigger, because that’s the margin you’re giving away if you
aren’t aligning yourself properly over your putts.
It’s incredible, but true; and a test conducted recently by a PGA Professional backs this up.
Using just a laser pointer and some duct tape, he challenged the golfers who walked off
the 18th green on one fateful competition day to aim at a hole from ten feet away.
Over 70% of those tested couldn’t do it!!!
Click below for a breakdown of the key setup variables, each with a tip, which you can
work on at home.
Each drill is designed to add consistency by developing your muscle memory, training
yourself you make the same stroke over and over again. This will add confidence to the
equation, preparing you both mentally and physically for the challenge at hand.
With just a couple of putting lessons you’ll be making more putts, and leaving you with
more one foot ‘tap-ins’ (and less four foot knee-knockers) when you miss. Have a chat
with me if you think you’re ready to take the next step.
Warm Regards,
Coach Suzanne

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