Make More of Those Must Make Putts

Greetings from Suzanne Wednesday 12th January 2011
Make More Of Those Must Make Putts
Every week we see Tour players pretty much play on lightning quick greens every tournament, however, for your average golfer, each course presents a new problem; different paced greens.
Next time you’re out on the course standing over a “Must Make” putt here are some things to remember: 

• Use a very light grip. Gripping the club tighter may give you the illusion of better control, but you’re actually losing feel and adding tension.

• Keep things smooth and rhythmical.

• Your follow-through should be a little longer than your backstroke since the Putter head should accelerate through impact.

Putting is not only about technique. Confidence when standing over a putt is equally important. When a golfer loses their confidence in putting, that is when they start getting poor results on the green – because there’s no trust. This is one of the primary reasons why beginners and higher handicappers make less putts – they just don’t trust their stroke. Click here to book a lesson or two and we’ll have that sorted out in no time!

Warm Regards,

Coach Suzanne

Far too often an amateur golfer’s great tee shot is followed by a moment of indecision, an error and a
build-up of frustration; all because the drive left a distance into the green that falls right in-between clubs.
You could reach the target with a hit a ‘big’ Pitching Wedge OR a gentle 9-Iron and this debate plays out in
the back of your mind long after you’ve selected a club. This indecision creeps into your swing and will almost
always result in a miss-hit shot and a wasted opportunity.
Take advantage of the good drives, add consistency and confidence to your game by filling the distance gaps
in your bag.

There’s climate, there’s weather and then there’s our “weather” and, much to our despair, the latter seems to
involve far more cold, cloud, wind and rain than we’d like particularly at this time of year. To cope with the
inevitable gale or downpour, we have to be well protected by a sturdy and dependable outer layer.
Outer layers, in the form of waterproof jackets, are widely available so the fear of getting drenched should be a
thing of the past. What then, separates one from another? Why would one rain suit be twice the price of another,
seemingly identical offering? Read on below and you’ll see why there should be far more than just “Is it waterproof?”
to your list of requirements.
When conditions are cool, but not overly damp, it’ll most likely be the mid layer that’s exposed to the outside
world, so there’s one more factor that you should consider before you make the purchase; it has to look and
feel good! Some materials on today’s production lines may be capable of adding to your performance and
comfort, but if it doesn’t wear well, or if it just looks ridiculous, then you simply aren’t going to wear it.
That’s why I have the selection of apparel that I do. Some for form, some for function and some that do a
little of both, all at price points that will appeal to a varied selection of golfers. Come and have a look for

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