Newsflash!!! 3 Keys to Unlocking your Putting Potential

Greetings from Suzanne Sunday, 30th January 2011
Newsflash!!! You may think that the biggest difference between you and the PGA Tour Professionals is their god-like ability to pound a Drive 300 yards and then knock a 200 yard Iron shot to 6 feet. If so you’d be wrong, and here’s why; the Professional will make that 6 footer 65% of the time, on greens that are lightning fast. What percentage would you make?

I’d bet not even half as many. In fact, when you consider that putting contributes more strokes to your total score than any other single part of the game, (around 40%) then there’s five shots waiting to come off most golfer’s handicaps almost immediately.

Many golfers practice their putting before a round and it stops there. Others record the total number of putts they take and use that figure as a benchmark. That’s a great first step to improving your game BUT, with statistics, you can only compare like to like. How do you compare a round where you hit 10 GIR and took 32 putts with another where you hit 4 GIR but only took 28 putts??

Do yourself a favor – if you’re going to track your putting statistics make sure you record putts taken per GIR. That will give you the best idea of where your game is (if you get down to 1.7 let me know and we’ll talk about Tour school!!!)

See you on my Lesson T!

Once you’ve realised that you can make a bucket-load more putts just by aiming
where you think you’re aiming (let’s call it phase #1) then you’re ready to move
onto phase #2; understanding how your own unique putting stroke works, and
making sure that you can make the most of it.
If we break each and every putting stroke down, we’ll find that there are three key
fundamentals that will increase or decrease your probability of success.
1) Hitting the sweet spot
2) Having the Putter face aligned to target at impact
3) The path of the Putter relative to the target line.
Consider that putting makes up around 40% of the strokes on your card, and suddenly the
old saying “Drive for show, Putt for dough” rings very true. I would go so far as to say that
you should treat your putting as you would any money-making enterprise.
That said, what do you do if you aren’t getting the returns you desire? You first look at your
costs; and putting is the single largest contribution to your ‘bottom line’ – any reduction in
this ‘cost base’ drives an equal (and immediate) increase in profit.
No more losses! Go talk to your PGA Professional about putting lessons, and putting aids for
practicing at home.

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