Quick Drill to Cure Knee Knockers!

NO MORE KNEE KNOCKERS               Saturday 29th January 2011
Greetings from Suzanne
Water, rough, trees, out of bounds, bunkers; they can all play havoc with your
confidence, but for most golfers these pale in comparison to the thought of a
slippery three or four footer on the 18th green.
The key to defeating this particular demon lies with repetition. Perform a task
enough times and it becomes second nature; your muscles do what they always
do, in the order that they’re used to doing it and – crucially – your thought processes
follow suit. You visualise the ball dropping in the hole, not slipping past it.
Want to make more putts? Repeat these two great drills.
Staying with the ‘repetition’ theme, we’d like to remind you – once again – that practicing your
bad habits merely ingrains them into your muscle memory, so make sure you start with a clean
(and correct) sheet. Come and see us to arrange a putting lesson and we’ll make sure your hard
work on the practice green isn’t wasted.

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