Greeting From Suzanne                                                 20th March 2011
Over the last few years we’ve sat and watched guys like Phil Mickelson work their
magic around the greens of the worldwide Tours. With each delicate touch club
golfers thought to themselves “I want to do that” and so, instinctively, they turn
to a piece of equipment to provide that magic solution.
Today there are more golf bags than ever containing a 58°, 60° or even a 64° Wedge –
but how many of the owners really appreciate the technique required to use them?
Give a 64° Wedge to a 20 handicapper and you’ll soon find out!
If you have invested in a higher lofted club then I don’t want you to let that investment
go to waste. Likewise, I don’t want any of my club golfers out there to fear a 20 yard pitch
onto a green that requires ten yards of carry over a bunker. Here’s a very simple tip that
will give you the foundation for building the technique and confidence you require.
Building a great technical foundation is part one on the road to improving your short game.
Part two is to come and see us in the shop to make sure your equipment matches your swing –
Wedges especially need custom fitment if they’re to add any benefit – just matching your
Wedge’s bounce angles with your swing’s angle of attack can increase your consistency tenfold.
Equipped with the correct technique, and the knowledge that you have the right club for the shot,
you’ll dramatically improve your performance in the area where it counts most. There’s a reason
why it’s called “The scoring zone”.

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