Slices Gone. Fades Disappearing!

Greetings from Suzanne    Thursday, 07 April 2011


Today, a slice, as we knew it anyway, is almost impossible to hit. And with a little care you can choose equipment that makes it very difficult to hit a fade of any size. You can even get technology to add accuracy and distance to those weak fades that come off the toe of the Club. Here are three technologies, of several, that have made Golf more fun.

I would love golfers to improve their swings to remove fades and create better ball striking. In the meantime the technology in modern equipment is doing a good job of compensating for our faults. And that means better golf and more fun.

Golf has only 34 basic rules. There are however, more than 100 sections and subsections
to these 34 rules, which require over 2000 explanatory paragraphs to guide golfers through
their decision making process in any given scenario. There are so many of these official rules
that it’s almost impossible for an average player to know them all. Not even the Professionals
are expected to know all of them – just ask Dustin Johnson.
On top of all this there are the ‘unwritten’ rules; things that you can’t read in a book, but rather
pick up by watching other golfers, asking questions and playing the game. I’m of course referring
to etiquette.
If you’re a relatively inexperienced golfer this is a great place to start. You can always ask for a
ruling – nobody will mind – but if you fail to follow the rules of etiquette I can guarantee you
won’t be very popular with your playing partners!
If you do have any questions regarding the rules – either written or unwritten – who better to
ask than the guys who have made the sport a part of their everyday lives? Come in and ask;
we appreciate your enthusiasm. When it comes to the rules of golf, there’s no such thing as a
silly question!

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