Greetings from Suzanne! 19th May 2011


You want more distance on your Tee-shots? Why not get more distance with all the clubs in your bag? For most golfers, I watch play the game, there is a quick route to adding at least 15 yards to Tee-shots or adding another 7 – 10 yards to their Iron shots.

Too many golfers actually strike the golf ball a glancing blow with only a partial release of the club through the impact zone. Quite obviously the “glancing blow” is going to have the effect of reducing the amount of energy transferred to the ball to send it down the target line.
However, the glancing blow is almost always a symptom of a larger problem. The golfer has got “outside” the line at the start of the downswing and now needs to steer their hands through the downswing, to try and get the club face square to target. That means their hands are not releasing the club head properly through the impact zone, creating a large distance loss.

Yes, there are many factors like launch angle, spin rate etc that effect the distance you hit the golf ball, but let’s not get away from the two big basics:

· Club head speed at impact
· Hitting the ball out of the sweet spot

Golfers who swing the club on what we call an “in to out” swing path, are able to release the club head with maximum acceleration,
creating a faster club head speed and therefore gain more distance.

Challenge us. Let us take a look at your swing and we’ll quickly identify whether we can add 10 yards and more to every club in your

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