Greetings from Suzanne                   Sunday, 09 October 2011
The weighting and structure of the modern Driver – bigger and lighter with
more dynamic loft – allows for incredible forgiveness and longer tee shots,
but there’s a drawback.
With weight pushed to the rear corners of the club – away from the point of

impact – the ‘feel’ and feedback of the club is reduced, which makes it

increasingly difficult to assess how well you’ve struck any given shot.
The only metric we’re left with then is distance, and you can’t expect a friend to
stand in the middle of the driving range recording your results
while you hit balls at him! There’s one easy way to determine how
purely you’re striking the ball – that doesn’t require protective equipment –
and can even be performed at home.
Impact tape is readily available and will give you a great idea of not only
where on the clubface you are hitting the ball, but also the consistency with
which you do it. You don’t even have to use real golf balls to get an accurate
reading – most ‘aero’ practice balls will leave a decent enough mark – and that
means you can do this in your own back yard without fear of damaging property!
Below is a brief explanation of the most common strike patterns. If you’re suffering
from one of the less desirable variants then come and see me for a lesson and
improve your technique!

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