Greetings from Suzanne Thursday, 03 November 2011
Case Study
Improving Impact Positions
Picture 1

Use a soccer ball and a stick on the ground to help alignment. Remember stick should be parallel to your target.
Your goal is to swing slowly so you can ‘train’ yourself to get into a forward, down the line position at impact.Picture 1B
Set-up from down the line view.
Try to set up equipment the same, ball inside left heel (for right handed players).
Picture 1 Picture 1B
Picture 2
This is top of swing, your regular backswing position. Remember you are swinging slower, approx 5mph
Stop at the top.Picture 2B
Half way down on downswing view.
Again, student is working on weight shift to left side and pull down with left arm across his chest.
Picture 2 Picture 2B
Picture 3
Student is half way down on backswing. Try to feel in this position your initial weight shift into left side and pull down with left arm being more dominant.Picture 3B
Top of backswing view. Remember this is not full speed drill.
I have tried to impress on this student to make a deep turn not lift up to turn behind the ball. You can feel this more in slow motion.
Picture 3 Picture 3B
Picture 4 (right)

Impact view from down the line.
Notice how lower body has turned more than shoulders.
Here are your goals at this point in swing:
1. Right hip pointing at back of ball ( hips should not be front facing ball)
2. Hands forward, shaft leaning level with front of ball.
3. Club face square to target. (you may forget to square club-face initially because you are focused on big body positions).


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