Greetings from Suzanne Friday, 02 December 2011
Golf AcademyONE wants to grow!
But I need your help and opinion to make some decisions. I am considering bringing in a new assistant to help me deliver a better service to all my students. As some of you experienced over the last few years, it has been difficult to schedule a lesson just when you needed it. My student list has grown by 150% in the last 3-years! I love what I do and am very passionate about helping all my students improve and enjoy golf more.

I would like to give the opportunity of sharing my experience and teaching philosophy to a young PGA Assistant who shares my passions for teaching all skill levels and age groups. At the beginning he would teach juniors and beginners which would free my time to focus on my core group of students.

Please help me by completing the survey by clicking here, it only takes 3 Minutes.

Thank you so much,
Suzanne Strudwick

When it comes to Putting we need to be realistic in our expectations; even the
Professionals on Tour only make 50% from 6 feet… That said, think – or even better,
record – how many putts do you make from 6 feet. Now imagine how many more 
you’d make if the cup was 50% bigger, because that’s the margin you’re giving
away if you aren’t aligning yourself properly over your putts.
It’s incredible, but true; and a test conducted recently by one of my PGA Professional
colleagues backs this up. Using just a laser pointer and some duct tape, he
challenged the golfers who walked off the 18th green on one fateful competition
day to aim at a hole from ten feet away. Over 70% of those tested couldn’t do it!!!
Each drill is designed to add consistency by developing your muscle memory,
training yourself you make the same stroke over and over again. This will add
confidence to the equation, preparing you both mentally and physically for the
challenge at hand. 
With just a couple of putting lessons I’ll have you making more putts, and leaving
you with more one foot ‘tap-ins’ (and less four foot knee-knockers) when you miss. 
Click here to contact me if you think you’re ready to take the next step.
A new Driver properly selected for your swing will improve your accuracy off the Tee.
The key words are “your swing”. Your accuracy challenge off the tee might be caused
by any one of a number of different problems. If we can isolate what it is, then we can
either improve it with coaching or select a Driver that has the specific technology to
maximize your accuracy.
Above is just one of the ways that technology in Driver design can work to provide
you with straighter Tee shots. Possibly for you a little off-set would help or a change
in the face angle. Whatever your swing we will find the right solution.
Your accuracy off the tee box and your enjoyment of the game go hand in hand.
More approach shots from the short grass will reduce your frustration.
Make the most of your Driver, every time you pull it out of your bag.
Let us help put in you in the best technology for your game. 
You can click below if you have any driving related queries or, if you are really
struggling or considering replacing your current Driver, you can book yourself in
for an assessment right now.  


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