Is Your Swing Distance Fit?

Greetings from Suzanne Sunday, 01 April 2012
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Think Before You Swing 

Fairways & Greens Golf Center has been noticeably busy the last couple of weeks! The weather has been awesome so not surprisingly everyone has started to dust off the clubs. Here are a few things to think about before you get you spot on the range and just Hit & Hope!• Posture: Use the mirrors inside to check your distance from ball, back tilt, knee bend and hand/arm position.• Grip: check your grip, make sure you are holding in fingers not palms. Do you have flexibility in your hands & wrists? Grip pressure?• Alignment: I always recommend using an alignment stick but its especially important at the start of a new golf season.• Short-Game: This part of your game needs the most attention at the beginning. Distance control, developing feel and correct  set-up adjustments.• Speed Control in Swing: Can you control your swing speed? Can you hit a Half Shot?• Ball Position: Use the alignment stick to also check your ball position• Equipment: Make use of Steve Lawson (Golf Tennis Express) our resident club-fitter to get your grips changed and club lie
angles checked.Regards,

A common ambition of most golfers is to be able to hit their short shots with more spin. Their desire is to hit a chip that lands, bounces once and checks. Before I even look at their technique, here are 4 things I check:UrethanePlay a golf ball with an urethane cover. Yes, it will cost a little more, but an urethane golf ball spins much more off the Wedge face than the other materials used to make golf balls.And don’t think that an urethane golf ball won’t last as long, or won’t go as far. Chat to us and we’ll help you make sure you have selected a golf ball that will give you control around the green, and a golf ball that goes as long or even longer than you have ever hit.


There’s a lot of noise about grooves, but when I pull Wedges out of bags, I find too many that are worn or are dirty. Your grooves need to be sharp and all the volume needs to be available to clear moisture and dirt away from the ball at contact.
You have a 14 club set but most golf is played from 100 yards in. For that space most golfers have just three clubs and one of those is the Putter. It is also amazing to me, given how much has been written about ‘bounce’, how many golfers are not aware of the bounce on their Wedges and whether that ‘bounce’ works with their swing to allow them to make a clean strike (creating spin) on the golf ball.

You should be looking at your set and in the mind of most experts you ought to be carrying a Wedge configuration that covers the 46 (48), 50 (52), 56 and 60 (62°) lofts.That way you have every required shot from 100 yards in covered. Less requirement for manufactured or partial shots, allowing you to concentrate on the required technique.Improve your short-game. It’s a quick route to better golf. Make a plan to have a short-game assessment with us and let us see what is the quickest route to improvement for you.

Is your swing “distance fit?”
Golf coaches encourage work off the course and in the gym to gain extra yards, and whilst they make sense they aren’t talking to the ‘everyday’ golfer. They’re talking to the professional players on tour whose swings are already close to perfect: their near perfect swings are producing the distance they need even before they get to strength training.
For regular golfers, before you get into the gym for extra distance, you need to strike a balance between mobility and stability. In the swing, some parts of the body should provide a solid foundation, allowing other parts to move unrestricted.
If that balance is off, and your pattern is dysfunctional, then instinctively your body will compensate for the error. As golfers, we all know what happens next. AND it isn’t more distance.
I don’t want to see more golfers drilling themselves on generic strength exercises for distance, before they have analyzed their swing. If your hips are the problem, then strengthening your upper body will not result in MORE DISTANCE. I have included a link for you above – go and test your own mobility. Then, think about a swing assessment with me where I will tell you which parts of your body need more strength and flexibility to get your further down the fairway. This is your starting point.

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