Look for a Result you can Measure

Greetings from Suzanne Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Look for a Result you can Measure

There is a very interesting fact in one of the new Golf magazine editions on the shelves. It compares Rory McIlroy’s Driver distance in terms of distance per pound of body weight. It then compares his performance to that of all the other big Drivers who regularly hit it beyond 300 yards.That got me thinking. What is my performance? What is yours? It seems to me like a really good measure of your technique if you are comparing your own performance against your friends or playing partners in the four-ball.Of course, we should not ignore age or flexibility. Both have a material impact on the club head speed you are likely to generate. But I have a feeling that, whatever your age, there are improvements you can make to your swing that will add more yards than many of you would expect.Maybe I should charge per added yard! There’s a thought. In fact that speaks to “results”. We often talk about Golf Lessons; but that is just a process. You should be going to a PGA Professional in search of a result.If you want to compare your performance; allegedly Rory McIlroy, according to the magazine in question, bombs it on average 1.63 yards per pound of his body weight. I have checked out his average Driving distance and it is 305 yards with a body weight of 160 pounds. By my math, that is actually 1.90 yards per pound. If you would like to increase your distance by 1.90 yards per pound,click here to book a lesson.Regards,

Golf may not be a simple game but the objective on each shot ought to be straight forward. We complicate it, but there is a simple goal: after impact to set the ball off down the target line, with an effective launch and spin rate for the club, and the best ball speed your swing speed can deliver.

Achieving that goal is a challenge for your game and your technique. That is the difficult part.
Making sure your equipment makes it easier to achieve that target isn’t difficult. It takes a small amount of time commitment on your part, together with our fitting expertise.
It is our job, as your expert, to make it easier for your equipment to deliver a straight and accurate ball flight, with a good trajectory and spin on the ball, and a ball speed that will maximize your result and potential.

Every golfer should have equipment that helps them play better golf. Surely, if you are investing 5 hours in enjoyment, you want the equipment that will make that easier to achieve. So, please, get checked out this year and let us make sure your equipment is working with your golf swing.
Remember, something as simple as a grip that fits (or is new) makes it easier to hit more accurate shots – so something that is very inexpensive can help you play better golf.
And, in the process of an evaluation or assessment, we might actually be able to offer simple advice that will help you achieve a better technique. Any which way, we are here to try and help you improve your golf, have more fun and play better golf. Talk to us.


If you are looking to improve the accuracy of your Iron play this year, then set yourself some targets related to consistency of accuracy (distance struck and line of flight). Start by asking yourself how many times out of 10, when you are faced with an #8 up to #5 Iron fairway shot to the green, do you hit the green; and then of those shots, how many finish within 25 feet of your target?

You don’t need to be able to hit Hollywood shots that bend 40 yards in the air. You just need some simple fundamentals that cover setup, takeaway, backswing, downswing and the strike through the contact zone.
Every golfer has read countless articles, online tips, and books; watched videos and listened to TV experts with clever comments. Almost every golfer can give quite a good description of how to setup and takeaway. Many can talk about the “position at the top”. But it’s not what your brain knows that counts; it’s what your body is doing. And that is difficult to appreciate from your vantage point, watching the ball and thinking of your target. You need a coach to tell you what you are doing.
Good fundamentals make the game easier and so much more fun. Let’s see how we can improve your game. Call me.

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