Greetings from Suzanne Monday, 11 June 2012


You need to have two swing lengths each for a Pitching Wedge, Gap Wedge and Sand Wedge. That will result in you scoring better from 110 yards in, lowering your handicap, playing with more confidence and having a lot more fun. You’ll also find that you will play better golf, even when you have a lay-off.
If you are playing with just two Wedges, please fix that and get a Wedge that spans the gap between your Pitching Wedge (at about 48°) and your Sand Wedge (at about 56°). Without a 3rd Wedge you are asking too much more of your swing than even a tour professional does. Without a 3rd Wedge you have to play 1/3, 2/3 and full shots with each Wedge. That takes too much control, you get it wrong and then your confidence in your short-game goes.
Now make sure you have a rhythm and note the distance you hit each of these shots. You ought to have the 110 yards down to 40 yards covered now. Add, in each practice session, hitting each of these shots with all your Wedges, keeping a check on the distance you are hitting them, and making sure you are honing that rhythm. Come and chat to me if you want some help.

Last week I talked about How the Belly Putter helps you to make more Putts in the 6 to 12 foot range because it forces you to keep your wrists out of the stroke. If you look at the better Putters in your fourball, you’ll notice how, even with their ‘standard length’ Putter, they keep their wrists locked through the Putting stroke. That’s good technique.
But, there’s another area where many of you lose shots and it is on the 30 foot plus Putts. In this area, most of you lose shots through a combination of incorrect technique and lack of practice.
Technique is something you should learn. I won’t push the point, but you can contact me for a Putting assessment and lesson, which will save you shots on the green.
And I know that practice is something that many of you don’t like, so let’s make it more fun. Make it a game or competition you can play by yourself or with a partner.
I will add to these Putting Drills over the next weeks, so bookmark the page. Let me know what you think of them. But remember, I’ll take the challenge to deliver an improvement in both the number of short Putts you sink and your distance control on longer Putts. Contact me now.

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