Greetings from Suzanne                                                               Thursday, 05 July 2012
Every Driver advertisement I see promises you extra yards. No need to do any push-ups. Pay your dollars, take a waggle and boom another one down the middle. Seductive isn’t it. Actually there is a better way to extra yards. It’s a downswing with the correct sequence of hips, torso, arms and club movement with the club head on a good swing path.
For most golfers, extra yards doesn’t need extra strength or even extra flexability (although both of those help), it requires a better technique in the downswing. If you want extra yards then come and see me and let me help. You’ll be surprised at just how many yards we can add. But you’ll probably be even more surprised at how much more accurate your Tee shots will be.
Challenge yourself, pound for pound to be the biggest hitter. Technology helps, but so will the technical perfection of your own swing. Make it a better swing.

Please get fitted when you are buying Irons. It is 30–45 minutes’ effort with your PGA Professional that pays you back between 4 and 16,000 times, by my conservative estimate. It depends how long you keep your Irons and how much you play, but I guarantee you’ll want to keep a well-fitted set of Irons for longer.

The impact on your game can be very, very significant. For the more inconsistent amongst you, it may well deliver results on every hole. For those of you with lower handicaps, one duck-hook played under pressure removed from the scorecard is the difference between being out of the places and a winner.

We are here to improve your golf game. That means more good shots, better scores and a lot more enjoyment. There are many things we can do to help, but one thing you should all take advantage of is fitted golf equipment.

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