Greetings from Suzanne                                                          23th August 2012

Watching the top Professionals play the Par 5’s can be a bit disheartening for most of us. They will hit their tee shot so far that, even on a 550 yard monster, they are looking at only 200 yards with a #6 Iron on the second shot. Well, that’s not the game you or I are playing.
Unless you hit the golf ball long distances consistently and accurately, play any Par 5 under 500 yards as a 3 shot (to the green) hole and anything over 400 yards as a 4 shot (to the green) hole. And start your planning from the green, not the tee.
You might think that there is a real exhilaration to pulling the Driver out and bombing it. But actually, I suspect you’d feel much more intensely proud of hitting three comfortable shots to the green and walking off with a 5. You will have conquered the hole. That’s the real challenge with each hole. And, when you get it right, that’s the real win.


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