You are not trying to buy a new Driver. You are trying to buy extra distance, or improved accuracy, or more consistency. You might even be trying to buy all three.

The smart manufacturers also know you’re not trying to buy a new Driver. That’s why their adverts for Drivers talk far less about the features of the Driver and far more about the added distance you’ll get.

I know when many of you walk into my shop that you have a brand preference. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, each brand offers so many options these days, I’m pretty sure they’ll have a model with the technology to fit your game. I find the right fit and configuration to get the ball coming off the face of the club with a consistently high ball speed, a launch angle and spin rate that works for that ball speed, and hopefully with a minimum of side spin.

The result of getting the technology, configuration and fit correct will be added distance; a great result.

Of course, there are many ways to achieve those results. Getting you setup so that you can make a good backswing and shoulder turn and then having you swing the club on a good swing path, attacking the ball from the right angles with a faster club head speed, adds lots of distance.



For each golfer there’s a different route to their added yards. But for each one, I am working to provide you with the “Gift of Distance”. It’s a very personal gift that starts with you and not a product.

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