How should I schedule a training week?


How should I schedule a training week?

The demands on children who are looking to pursue golf seriously are very high. They need to balance training hours, school commitments and life outside of school and golf. As the parent, you should pay careful attention to how your child’s week is scheduled to avoid fatigue, allow enough time for training, school work and social life with friends.

There will never be an easy solution. The tips below are the best advice we can give to help you plan the ideal training week:

Be flexible and vary the time of training sessions so they do not become a routine and your child gets stuck in a rut. Consider training on weekdays before school.
Try to ensure your child has one full day off from golf a week.
Look at other things going on in your child’s week. Which are the tough days at school? When do they have other sports? Work golf sessions around this to avoid fatigue.
Keep Fridays as lighter days. Experience indicates that children will be tired on Fridays and that a short, sharp session on a Friday before a competition can work wonders.
Plan an appropriate schedule. Weekends are great for quality training time. Identify some weekends that are free from tournament and family commitments and schedule in some coaching and training sessions.

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