The Fitting Difference

Do you know that if you look at all the configurations of a golf club (excluding grip sizes), there will be nearly 500 variants of the same Iron. Most of these will make the game more difficult. Our job in the Fitting is find the configuration(s) that will actually HELP YOU get the club head back, on a good swing path, square to the ball at contact with the sole flush to the turf.


The Lie Angle

Getting the lie angle correct allows the club head sole to remain square to the ground at impact ensuring a straight ball strike. There is a complex relationship between shaft length and lie angle.

Lie Angles & Accuracy

Just 1/2° error on your Lie Angle will create up to 10 yards of shot dispersion on your #5 Iron. The right angle and good swing puts you on the green. Same swing, wrong Lie Angle and your bunkered.20130614-081522.jpgShaft flex

There is no standard shaft flex across manufacturers and nor will there be one. But the wrong flex for your swing will impact both accuracy and distance.

Bend Profiles

Different shafts not only have different strengths but also some are more flexible towards the butt end and others towards the tip. Changing bend profile can materially impact both launch angle and spin rate.


This measures where the club is balanced (nearer the club head or grip). You can move weight all over the club and the actual weight remains the same, but the Swingweight will change.


If your current Irons were not fitted, then the chances are very high that we could improve your golf with the correct setup. There may even be the chance that we could make changes to your current equipment to improve your golf. You’d be surprised at the impact the correct Grip size makes.

It is really worth your while having your current equipment assessed for your game. So come through and see us and start a conversation about your golf game, or leave your details online, and we’ll get back to you to schedule a day and time to meet with you.

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