The grip is one of those fundamentals that you always need to keep a careful eye on, before bad habits creep in and disrupt your game. It is amazing how easily a good grip can change and cause a host of destructive shots, especially when under pressure, when tension can cause you to grip too tightly. If this sounds like you then come and see me for some advice. In the meantime, here are some simple tips.



As your only point of contact with the club, your hands will control the path and direction of the clubface through impact and so making sure they work well together is essential. A good grip will also allow you to use your wrists as levers in the ideal way to optimise your clubhead speed and power through impact.

Grip tip
At address, use these helpful checkpoints to make sure you are getting in the correct positions.
If you think your hold over the club might be costing you shots, please come in to see me for some advice. Likewise, if your grips are not offering you control whilst also maximising your feel, a refresh would be beneficial.

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