PGA Jr. League Golf….Ground Breaking Experience for Your Child

PGA Jr League Knoxville

Knoxville Cyclones 2014

Team: (Left to Right Back row first) Sam Mayes (Asst. Coach) John Thomas Estep, Byson Morrell, Ethan Rimmer, Sawyer Spoone (lower row) Eli Hinton, Eli Mayes, Aaron Frazer, Luke Watson, David Brown, Cooper Hayes, Coach Suzanne Strudwick

The most impressionable images from my junior playing days are from being back home in England playing team golf. Representing my home club, Brocton Hall GC  in head to head competition against other local clubs. This lead to being ‘discovered’ by local and regional coaches who then passed me up the chain in an organized, progressive learning system. The progression seemed natural and steady, leading me all the way up to England Junior coaching and trials.

The new PGA Jr. League golf has the potential to finally start a progressive system that is sadly lost to the USA Junior’s. A system that identifies, encourages and trains young golfers without the need for a substantial economical background. This is starting point for young juniors with ambition and desire. Notice I did not say talent, this comes much later in the process and is developed over time.

The English system has now become extremely complex and organized, very different from the rudimentary system I grew up in. The Coaches have specific training levels, Junior golfers are fed into specific training programs that inspire, challenge and develop young achievers. Coaches are paid by a percentage of club membership fees and the National Lottery. No wonder we are crushing the USA in Ryder Cup’s!

You just need to look at how far advanced our neighbors in the north, Canada to see how far behind the US is to providing opportunities, developing and training, not just in golf but all sports. Check out these links

The PGA has finally taken the role it should have done back in the early 1970’s when Olympic sports were starting to take off. The PGA Jr League has the possibility of changing the starting ground of discovery. The important aspects of this program are:

  • The Hook: It’s just great FUN with the correct amount of competitiveness and togetherness, being part of a TEAM.
  • Learning: Juniors are paired together allowing for a lesser skilled player to learn from a more skilled player but still have the opportunity to excel.
  • Team Environment: The is the very best part, golf is inherently an individual game, but the PGA Jr League has created a system of perfect teamwork.
  • Progression: Teams have the opportunity to advance all the way from City, State, Regional, National levels. This is so important and is missing from today’s Junior competition system. Only the very elite get to advance but with PGA Jr League a 7-year-old can go all the way to represent their Country!

I am thrilled to have taken our 2014 Knoxville Cyclones all the way to the National Championships at TPC Sugarloaf in Atlanta, GA The experience for everyone, team, parents, Grandparents and Coaches was one of the very best of my career.

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