Practice with a Purpose

Practice Progress Sheet

Developing exceptional training habits is especially important for young players having the desire and opportunity to reach elite level. Your coach should be familiar with how to develop a practice progress sheet, periodization and recovery periods. This is the roadmap developed by elite Olympic coaches.

  1. a rational, systematic approach to training and performance. (See above example of practice sheet)
  2. a sustained passion and commitment to details .
  3.  own the elite performance experience. (see themselves as winners)
  4. embrace the challenge and complexity of elite performance context. (Understand the process of learning)
  5. employ a big (moral) picture view of sport and life. (Keep it in perspective).

Not one of these traits is a birthright.  Each can be learned, adapted and applied by anyone with the drive to be an optimal performer.


Tracey, J., & Elcombe, T. (2015). Expert coaches’ perceptions of athlete performance optimization.International Journal Of Sports Science & Coaching10(6), 1001-1013.

In 2016 I completely changed my programs for teaching juniors. I now only teach a select number at a time.

OnBoarding Program, Age 12-15 Boys & Girls $250 per Month

  • Individual consistent lessons both on range, short game area and on-course.
  • Group practice sessions.
  • Stat keeping (
  • Tournament evaluations
  • Scheduling
  • On-Course evaluations
  • Progress Reports
  • PGA Jr League Team for more information on 2016/17 Enrollment.


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