Are you playing the wrong club?

Are you playing the wrong club?

Think about your last round (or better still, keep shot details on your next round and check those).


What percentage of your shots was played in the 40 to 100 yard zone?

How many clubs do you have that cover that zone? Most of you will say two. But, chances are, neither is the right club.

I think that is a result of a lack of education on how to manage this part of the game.

Now think about the percentage of shots you play from 100 yards out to Tee-Shots. It should be a bigger percentage, but it won’t be that much bigger.

Yet for those shots, I’m willing to bet you carry 10 or 11 clubs.

Does that sound sensible?

It may be the manufacturer’s fault

As they seduce you to want to hit the ball further and further, manufacturers have continued to strengthen lofts.

The solution: you NEED to have a 50 or 52° Wedge in your bag as your go-to club in the 40 to 100 yard distance.


Specialist wedges

The alleged ‘Pitching Wedge’ in your bag is also just an extension of the Iron designs. Often the CoG is low and deep to provide ‘ease of launch’.

The trouble with that on your Wedge is, the harder you swing, the higher the ball goes with distance control out of the window. The ball is inclined to balloon.
Specialist Wedge designs have the CoG placed to provide an effective ball flight and easier, more consistent distance control.


Now learn to use the right club

I wish I could coach every golfer on the technique required for the Pitch Shot. We know that improvements in technique here translate into lower scores. We need to help make sure you can set yourself up to guarantee a good ball strike.

We want to make sure your arms and body are working correctly together. Making sure you are swinging on plane will make a big impact to your crispness of strike, your accuracy of strike and your consistency.

And finally we want to show you how, with the one club, you can control distance to cover the 40 to 100 yard range.

Make this an area for improvement

This year, invest a little time and money into having the right clubs in your bag to cover the short game. Then, sharpen up your technique so that you are taking shots off the scorecard. I would be more than happy to explain any details you’re unsure of. Better yet, book a lesson and I’ll incorporate all of this into your technique.

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