3 putting drills to Improve Your Score

3 putting drills

to improve your score


You’ve all read that the quickest way to lower scores, more victories and a lower handicap is to improve your performance on the green.

Of course, your Putter (its design, weighting and fitting)
is very important. So is your technique and ability to create a positive stroke.

But even with those two aspects sorted, Putting needs effective practice. I use the term “effective” very deliberately because I see lots of golfers on the Putting green practising.

I’m also very aware that your time is precious and the chances of you increasing your time on the practice green is low. So we need simple, easy, and quick drills to help you improve your performance.


Align your eyes and brain before the round starts

Place two irons between the hole to form a rail or path to the hole. Stand 2-4ft from the opening and putt down between the shafts, the ball may bounce off the shafts but will always go in the hole. After a few goes, you will adjust and make putts without hitting the shafts. Your brain and eyes are getting accustomed and adjusted to the task.The challenge, especially early in a round, is that your eyes and your brain haven’t yet aligned themselves. They both conspire to make you think you’re aiming for the centre of the hole, but you’re not. This is a result of having one eye stronger than the other. So let’s align the eyes and brain before you start your round.


Reduce the pressure and you’ll make a better stroke and sink more putts

Place a coin between you and the hole from between 3-8ft away. Your drill is to roll the ball over the coin, regardless of wether the ball goes in the hole. Just focus on the coin and rolling the ball over the coin.When you’re out on the course your instinctive reaction to the size of the hole should be “Wow, that’s big”. This drill will tune your brain into a smaller target on the shorter Putts. The first time you face a tricky 3-footer, it’s going to look a lot easier; the hole will appear bigger.


Around the clock, an old favorite

Place six tees around the hole between 4 to 8ft from the hole randomly. Go through your ‘pre-shot’ routine each time and sink all six in a row. If you miss, start again. After you have become accomplished at this distance, add 2-3ft. Make sure the lengths are random as this will help with distance control on the course. This is a more realistic drill for ‘transfer practice’.
Performed once a week will translate into more 3 – 8 foot putts sunk in your round and that is an easy win.This drill ought to mean fewer howls of anguish out on the course, when a 9 – 15 foot putt comes up short in the mouth of the hole. By spending a small amount of time each week practicing this drill your on-course performance will improve.

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