New Era in Coaching

A new level of coaching and teaching golf. From Beginner to Tour Player and everyone in-between. Your coaching should look like this, a relationship based coaching style that will change the way you think about a golf instructor.

Expect a new way to learn, grow and experience, golf.

Work on your game with a personal coach, don’t expect the same old system of learning, expect more.

  • Coaching on-course and in new ways
  • Relationship building
  • Whole game evaluation and development
  • Elite level stat programming and monitoring
  • Mental toughness training
  • Fun in developing

One monthly fee, one full-time coach, from a proven winner.

  • 6-Month Coaching (November – December / May-August)
  • $275 per Month
  • Up to four (4) sessions per month
  • Limited to 6 Adults per year.
  • Email:

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