Junior Philosophy in Coaching

Knoxville’s Best Junior Golf Program

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Our Philosophy is Simple:

“Junior Golf Schools need to develop fundamental movement skills (FMS), establish functional movement patterns, develop sports specific skills, teach golf-specific skills and most importantly, create a love for the game.”

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The TPI Junior Performance Program is foremost a junior golf school. Ten to 15 years from now, we want to see the athletes who reach the highest levels of the Junior Performance alumni on the PGA and LPGA Tours. We are not trying to help create good golfers, we’re trying to create AMAZING golfers. We believe that should be the goal of every junior golf program.

However, the way we will go about creating those amazing golfers is vastly different from what is available in most junior golf programs. Too many junior golf schools were developed with an adult mindset. But when creating a program for kids, it is apropos to think like a kid. Too many junior programs select drills and activities that instructors or developers think are fun. But those activities rarely are fun for kids. Today’s junior golf schools focus primarily on the golf swing, a one-dimensional approach to teaching. There is a failure to understand that sports-specific skills are built around fundamental athletic skills.

So, we will not have the children standing on a range hitting golf balls for 90 minutes. Most 5- to 10-year-olds would not last six minutes before expressing boredom if we did that. Rest assured, they will get on the golf course. But they will get on using our unique style.


Many parents who watch our classes for the first time are often surprised by how much time we spend playing games that are seemingly unrelated to golf. Our method is by design. Children should be well-balanced, agile and coordinated. They should possess well-developed kicking, striking, throwing and catching skills. They should understand spatial and body awareness. And they should have all of those characteristics before they specifically start learning to play golf.

The activities we will use, share rotational velocity “DNA” with golf.

For instance, a baseball swing and a tennis forehand both require a weight shift, trunk rotation, wrist hinge and a strike. All of those are found in the golf swing. Cross training allows us to teach the basic movement of golf, without talking about them.

By the time an athlete finishes this program that athlete will have learned Olympic weightlifting movements, proper chipping techniques, sprinting mechanics, how to read a green, golf rules, human anatomy, athletic nutrition, playing strategies and much more.

Again, the children who go through this program will build a love for golf and physical activity. Be sure to take note of the kids’ faces as they go through the program. Watch the smiles. Watch the laughter. Watch the determination. Watch how their bodies move. Because of the varying physical nature of this program and its cross-training, the athletes who play other sports will see increased skill levels in those sports.

We expect the children who make it to the highest levels of this program to be winning local, national and international junior events. In fact, I’ll be severely disappointed if we fail to produce champions.

I look forward to meeting you and your young athletes!