Red Zone

You could take several shots off your handicap if you worked on improving your short game technique and then adding a little practice. Few golfers have bothered to have lessons or any real coaching on the short game technique. Why not change that and set out to play four shots better this year?


Greenside bunker
The basic bunker shot should be a stock shot that you are comfortable with. You should be able to step into the bunker with the confidence of knowing that the ball is coming out and landing somewhere close to where you want it to. Yes, there are all sorts of challenges of downhill, plugged and fried-egg lies but set your first target to be a solid greenside bunker player when the ball is laying (as it does on most occasions) clean.
10 Yards
The bump and run shot should be a stock shot for most club golfers. Many golfers think this is an easy technique. It is. So why do I see so many golfers playing this simple shot poorly? This is a low risk shot (compared to a little Pitch that has to fly a longer way) and you should set out to be a good bump and run player.
30 Yards
You should add the knock-down, lengthy pitch (in the 30 to 50 yards distance) to your armoury. Yes you could fly the ball all the way with a high, shorter swing Sand Wedge. But if you have the green to work with why not play a knock down 9-Iron, using just your arms, that lands near the front of the green and runs up to the flag. Again this is a low risk shot that will deliver more consistent results for you.
60 Yards
When you get within 100 yards of the green, how many times do you get to play a full Wedge? Most times you are playing a partial Wedge shot trying to fill the space between your Pitching Wedge and Sand Wedge. You can minimize (and should minimize) that gap by playing with a Gap Wedge but you are still going to be playing shots that are less than full swings. Learn how to do this and you will attack more pins.

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