Pass The First Challenge

Pass the first challenge You start fresh a challenge each time you step onto a tee box. But if you think the goal is to boom the ball as long as you possibly can, I would argue you’re wrong. You want to give yourself the best chance to be playing your second from a spot […]

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Swing Sequence: Hit it Long

Hitting it long: a team effort If you want serious distance on your tee shots, turn to your technique. A properly fitted Driver and ball can add 20-plus yards, but you’ll be amazed at how much yardage you can gain if we get your upper and lower body working “against” each other. The diagram below […]

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How Fit Do You Need to Be?

Greetings From Suzanne Golf is certainly a sport you can play and enjoy without resembling an Olympic athlete. That opens it up to many people who can’t run, jump, or dive. That’s great. But it’s useful to remember the value even a simple training regime can have for your golf. I’d like you to have […]

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Greetings from Suzanne. 13th December 2012 GOING THE EXTRA DISTANCE A slightly descending blow increases spin rates by about 1000rpm and lowers the launch angle 4 or 5° vs. an ascending blow. The slightly ascending blow delivers around an extra 30 yards! If you are hitting an extra 30 yards off the tee, then you […]



Greetings from Suzanne Tuesday, 04 December 2012 HITTING EVERY CLUB FURTHER I see so many adverts promising extra distance. All sorts of new technologies claim to add 10, 20, 30 yards to tee shots, while I’m quite bemused by the loft on the #6 Iron that now goes 15 yards further (the same distance as […]