LTAD Training


What is LTAD and what do we do?

To learn what this program can do to develop your kids’ athletic skills, watch the video below.

Junior Cyclone & Smash Zone

S.M.A.S.H. Stands For:
A-BC’s (Agility, Balance, Coordination, Speed)
S-port Skills
H-one your Golf Skills

The SMASH Zone focuses on mastery of the fundamental movement skills, developing all sport skills and introducing golf specific skills.

*We are now going to start testing the golf specific skills, as well as physical strength and functional movements. Recommended class frequency is once per week.

Research has shown that junior golfers under the age of 9 should focus on developing all fundamental movement skills (FMS), not just golf. FMS are general patterns of movement that combine two or more body segments. They are “the basic vocabulary of sport,” according to Dr. Vern Seefeldt, director of Youth Sports Institute at Michigan State University.

FMS can be broken into four categories:

1. Locomotive Skills: Running, Jumping, Dodging, Skipping, Hopping, Bounding, Sprinting
2. Stability Skills (ABC’s of Athleticism): Agility, Balance, Coordination, Speed, Change of Direction, Disassociation
3. Manipulative/Object Control Skills (ABC’s of Athletics): Throw, Kick, Strike, Catch, Dribble, Dodge
4. Awareness: Space Awareness, Kinesthetic Awareness, Body Awareness, Rules

Most expert sources will say that a child who develops a better base of FMS will develop golf-skills at a faster rate and will peak at a higher level of expertise. At TPI, we set up twelve stations in a circular fashion (called our FUNdamental Cyclone) for our junior golfers. Be creative with the set up and make sure to space out each station with safety in mind. All stations should be demonstrated by the instructor first, and then kids should have a chance to ask questions about each station. We recommend having a free exploratory session first; where kids are free to choose which stations they want to try without feeling any pressure to perform.

The Fundamental Cyclone
Here is how we recommend laying out the full Cyclone Stations:

1. Agility
2. Kicking
3. Push/Pull
4. Striking
5. Locomotion
6. Catching
7. Balance
8. Jumping
9. Visualization/Awareness
10. Rotation
11. Core Strength
12. Throwing

Every child should cycle through every station. Each station should last for five minutes. After each station you should spend 1 minute asking the kids questions about the activity they just tried or maybe demonstrating a new skill at one of the stations. If you add in a 10 minute warm up, that would equal just over 80 minutes. That should leave you 9-10 minutes for games or contests at the end. If only 6 stations are used, have the kids go around the Cyclone two times and vary the activity in each station.

Equipment Used in the Cyclone
There is a wide variety of equipment that can be used in each station. When selecting equipment for the Cyclone, ask yourself four questions:

1. How mobile is it?
2. How durable is it?
3. How safe is it?
4. How much fun is it for a kid?

Here is a sample list of equipment to buy for a full Cyclone:

* Warm Up – Scooter Boards, Medicine Balls, 4kg Kettlebells
* Agility – Agility Ladder, Soft Skin Ball to Throw, Hula Hoop or SNAG Hoop Clock
* Kicking – Football on string, Soccer Ball on string, Soft Skin Kickball, Large Croquet Hoops
* Push/Pull – 30-45 cm Swiss Ball, Tug of War Rope, Monkey Bars, TRX
* Striking – 21” and 23” Tennis Racquets, Totem Tennis Set, Hit-A-Way, SNAG Golf Set, Kids Cricket Set, Baseball Batting * Tee, Foam Baseball Set, Flat Face Wood Bat, Filed Hockey Set, Foam Polo Set.
* Locomotion – Witches Hats or Cones
* Catching – Catchtail Balls, Koosh Balls, Basketball
* Balance – Multi-color Balance Beam, Tunnel, Balance Dots, Airex Balance Beam
* Jumping – Jump Ropes, Large Foam Matt, Jumping Bags
* Visualization/Awareness – Foam Bowling Set, Croquet Hoops
* Rotation – Hula Hoops, Soft Medicine Balls
* Core Strength – 30-45 cm Swiss Ball, Yoga Matt
* Throwing – Vortex Football, Tailgater Football, Frisbees, Rip-N-Grip Velcro Target, Bean Bags and Target, Tennis Balls

Learn techniques for working with kids from ages 5-11.

Warm Up:
* Jump Rope skipping lower body warm up and strength
* Vertical Throws, to develop energy from the ground up.
* Overhead Pass
* Side Bends, great for rotation in the golf swing.
* Razor Blades, Rotating body side to develop flexibility and strength.
* Hip Twister, helps to develop a key skill for starting the downswing correctly.

Developing Core Rotary Speed:
* Baseball swings, to highlight the eye hand coordination and rotary speed.
* Tennis swings, two enhance skills acquisition in the forearms and wrists.
* Throwing a football leg up for posture and balance.

Arm and Wrist Speed:
* Wrist Speed, Tennis swings for wrist release speed.
* Frisbee throws to teach proper wrist release mechanics.

Call Suzanne at (865) 777 GOLF.


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