Training Programs for Serious Golfers

Discover your tendances and improve yourself technically, tactically and mechanically

Full Swing Analysis: Cost $125 per Hour Click Here to Book Lesson

Learn your tendencies, breakdowns and then how you can improve. We utilise the latest equipment in our analysis and proved a comprehensive improvement plan.

Short-Game Revamp: Cost $275

Do you know how to use the bounce?

The fastest way to improve scoring, improve your short game. When your scores are lower, you enjoy the game more!

Three-step approach –

  1. Putting Analysis
  2. Chipping & Pitching (understand how to use the bounce on your wedges)
  3. Bunkers

Learn how to make those tough shots around the green, understand when and how to play different shots. Be confident out of bunkers and sink those birdie putts!
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Pre-College Training: Cost $500 

C-N Team

Summer training program to get student prepared mentally, physically, emotionally and fully equipped with all the skills for NCAA collegiate golf.