Young Athletes


GolfAcademyONE Junior Academy is based at Fairways & Greens Golf Center, Knoxville TN

History & research shows many Tour Professionals on the PGA and LPGA Tours were great athletes before becoming great golfers.

But do not twist this message. This doesn’t mean that all great athletes will become great golfers.

Developing the Athelite



Example: Michael Jordan, possibly the best basketball player ever, might not make it through Q-School.

Former 16-year Major League Baseball Pitcher, Rich Rhoden, dominated the Celebrity Players Tour. Then Rhoden took his game to the Champions Tour and barely made a cut.

It takes 10 years or 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to master something and become an expert.
Golf is a bit different.
Golf is a 20-year sport. Most “experts”-players who have won on the PGA Tour – took almost 21 years from the time they started training to win their first PGA Tour event.
Tiger Woods beat the curve. Still, it took him more than 17 years!
Former tennis great Boris Becker told Golf Digest Magazine: “Not all golfers are athletes, but there are a lot more today than there used to be. It’s why Tiger is so much better than everyone: He’s the best athlete.”

The Junior AcademyONE program wants to create the best athletes possible. And a chance to be the best golfer possible.

Fact # 1
10,000 hours + Ten years to become an expert. But Golf takes up to 20,000 hours + Twenty years to become a PGA or LPGA Tour Player

Fact # 2
Most all Tour professional are expert athletes + incredible golfers. They developed athletic skills at an early age then learned golf specific skills with the foundation of athletic ability.

Fact # 3
A child has ‘windows of opportunity’ in their biological development to build both athletic skills and sport specific skills. If missed, they are gone forever.

Fact # 4
Talent is developed over a long period building layer on layer of skills.

The Junior Golf AcademyONE is an innovative approach toward golf improvement. Based on the principles of Long-Term Athletic Development (LTAD), the Junior Golf AcademyONE uses physical and mental activities that are appropriate to a child’s biological age.

These activities are challenging but rewarding. Young athletes will gain strength, quickness, speed, agility, balance and confidence. Most importantly, they will have a great time doing all of it!

The “FUNdamental Cyclone” and the “S.M.A.S.H Zone” are the program’s core. Athletes will kick, hit, throw, putt, catch and chip. There are wrist release stations, strength building stations and stations where children will begin developing explosiveness. Built into each station are exercises and movements that enable athletes to learn the fundamentals of athleticism and golf. Instructors at the TPI Junior Academy teach young minds and young bodies how to be the best they can be, and we do it in an incredibly fun and engaging atmosphere.

Children participate in a 60-minute session each week. The 60 minutes include a warm-up and cool down, team-building activities and up to 12 stations in the The “FUNdamental Cyclone” or the “S.M.A.S.H Zone.”
Athletes develop their skill and achieve higher hat colors similar to how kids go through the karate belt colors. There are 10 hat colors in the program, here is the example of the Beginner / Intermediate and Advanced hat colors:

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