Practice with a Purpose

Practice Progress Sheet Developing exceptional training habits is especially important for young players having the desire and opportunity to reach elite level. Your coach should be familiar with how to develop a practice progress sheet, periodization and recovery periods. This is the roadmap developed by elite Olympic coaches. a rational, systematic approach to training and […]

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Find your PGA Golf Mental Profile

About The Profile The profile was developed by Bobby Foster, a management consultant headquartered in Columbia, SC. Bobby is a former teaching professional and golf coach at the University of South Carolina where he coached several All-Americans including four players who played on The PGA Tour. He is a Certified Behavioral Analyst specializing in the […]

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Why do some golfers make smooth, effortless swings that deliver impressive power while other players attack the ball with aggression and speed and yet, however hard they try, always seem to come up short? The simple answer here revolves around certain key mechanics in the golf swing that will help you find genuine speed just […]