Greetings from Suzanne Friday, 29 April 2011
Becoming a Complete Golfer
I believe every golfer has his/her own unique way of playing great golf. My task as a complete game coach is to help you discover what that unique recipe is, and to support you in accessing a broad enough base of skills needed for performance. What makes golf so frustrating for so many is that they don’t have a wide enough foundation of technical, physical, mental, emotional and social skills for their games to function. In competition when the heat is on, this weak foundation becomes even more evident. Often the only thought the golfer has, is that there is something wrong with the technique. Of course I agree that it’s always visible in the swing or stroke, but where did it originate? Doubting a decision, thinking too much over the ball, being unaware of added tension in the swing, swinging too fast, getting frustrated, worrying about the score… are all examples of things that will manifest in a bad swing or stroke.

Don’t always assume the originator is technical, analyze your attitude, course management and practice routine first.Let me help you discover this Spring/Summer how to realize your ‘Complete Game’ and become the competitor on the golf course you always thought you could be.See you on my Lesson T!


A good golf swing is almost impossible without good posture. You’ve heard it before but please don’t
stop reading. I want you to get a family member, friend or colleague to photograph you side on from
behind and face on at address. Improve your posture – that is easy – and you will improve your
golf swing.
Here are four simple things to look for when you review your posture side-on in your photograph.
Now you’ve read this (or probably skipped it) in many articles, but with a digital camera you now have a
very easy way to check your posture at address.
There is more to getting your posture and setup correct. If you want more assistance then come and see me.
It might seem a simple part of the golf swing but it is a fundamental that, when correct, helps you hit the ball
straighter and further (and reduces strain on your body).
In the meantime spend just a minute each day with a golf club getting set into the right posture. You will
fuse your perfect setup into your muscle memory and take it out onto the course. With good balance and
stability you will be ‘athletically ready’ to make a good swing.

Golf has only 34 basic rules. There are however, more than 100 sections and subsections to these 34 rules,
which require over 2000 explanatory paragraphs to guide golfers through their decision making process i
n any given scenario. There are so many of these official rules that it’s almost impossible for an average
player to know them all. Not even the Professionals are expected to know all of them – just ask Dustin
On top of all this there are the ‘unwritten’ rules; things that you can’t read in a book, but rather pick up
by watching other golfers, asking questions and playing the game. I’m of course referring to etiquette.
If you’re a relatively inexperienced golfer this is a great place to start. You can always ask for a ruling – nobody
will mind – but if you fail to follow the rules of etiquette I can guarantee you won’t be very popular with your
playing partners!
If you do have any questions regarding the rules – either written or unwritten – who better to ask than the
guys who have made the sport a part of their everyday lives? Come in and ask; I appreciate your enthusiasm.
When it comes to the rules of golf, there’s no such thing as a silly question!

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