Technique: The Biggest Consistency Gain

Greetings from Suzanne Monday, 06 June 2011
Do you struggle to convert a good driving range session into a good 18 holes? Then it’s likely that you have two distinct rhythms; one smooth rhythm for the range and one quicker, tighter rhythm for the course. Why would this be the case? Simple: PRESSURE!On the driving range you can slice the ball 40 yards right of target, shrug your shoulders and play another. On the course you make the same swing and your second shot will be from half way up a tree.

Once you realize this to be the case the anxiety level rises, the ‘fight or flight’ syndrome kicks in and the adrenaline pumps through the veins. This just causes the grip to tighten around the club, restricting your arms and your ability to release the club through the downswing.

Even a memory of a bad shot last week is enough to trigger this reaction, but this is where the important role of visualization and a good pre-shot routine come into their own.

A good pre-shot routine will break down the processes needed for a good swing. It’s like learning to drive; mirror, signal, manoeuvre, etc. It starts out as a very conscious process but eventually becomes automatic; this is exactly what we’re looking for.

That’s what I try to drill into you during a lesson. Unfortunately, when the pressure is on the confidence wanes and golfers relieve that pressure by going back to what they’re used to doing. Resist temptation!

I can design a pre-shot routine that will iron out those bad habits and make sure that good habits become second nature. Just come see me in the shop or contact me by clicking here.


If you feel you lack touch around the green, and suffer from a mixture of thin and
fat shots mixed in with some good shots then you are costing yourself shots, adding
to your stress levels and taking away some of the enjoyment you should get from
the game.
Around the green you want to feel that you are going to hit it close every time, not
worrying about whether you will make good contact or not. You want to have confidence
in your stroke.
I want to see more golfers with good technique controlling the path the clubhead takes
on the downswing hitting the ball with a slightly descending blow at the bottom of
the downswing.
I do want to see: a setup where the grip is slightly ahead of the centre of the chest; a
backswing that has very limited weight or leg movement; a downswing that sees the
club head hit down and through the ball; and at the end of the follow through the weight
positioned over the left leg.
You have invested in a new Wedge to make sure you are conforming to the new rules, but please
also make sure you have invested in the right technique. It will take pressure off your approach
shots and make the game a lot easier. And by the way, it isn’t hard to develop the right technique.

Give me a call or take the decision now and mail me to setup a review of your short-game technique.

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