Glass Half Full?

Greetings from Suzanne Friday, 16 December 2011

Glass Half Full?
Two quotes caught my eye this week; one from Lee Janzen, a two-time US Open Champion, and the other from Luke Donald – the current World #1. I certainly found them interesting, here’s Lee Janzen’s quote first:

“Tiger always says more positive things about his game no matter what it’s like. He might hit four fairways and eight greens and say that he hit it great. As players we’re laughing like ‘Man, you hit it everywhere,’ and didn’t make any putts. His mindset is that he wants to hit every fairway and every green and make every putt.”

This seems to give a valuable insight into the mindset of one of the most successful golfers of all time, and possibly the reasons why he is exactly that; a positive mindset and an incredible work ethic… Which brings me on to Luke Donald’s comment about the young Irish sensation, Rory McIlroy:

“Tiger’s work ethic has always been tremendous, and his mindset as well,” Donald said. “But I think Rory has more pure talent. I have always said that, of the guys I’ve played with, Rory has the most talent. I see him winning lots of tournaments and lots of majors.”

As you can imagine, Luke’s comment caused quite a stir, but it also backs up what Lee had to say about Tiger; he’s driven and he’s committed. However, is raw natural talent more important than hard work? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure – both of these guys practice hard and have their clubs fitted to do the job properly; can you say the same?



Every golfer has an internal ‘stopwatch’ that will dictate the ideal pace at which they will swing every club in the bag. Some players seem to swing with a slower, more relaxed tempo – just look at Ernie “Big Easy” Els as a perfect example – while others seem to attack the ball with more ferocity and venom.

Whatever your tempo, being able to find it, recognize it and repeat it will dictate how solidly and consistently you will strike a golf ball, so it is therefore fundamental to achieving that magical ‘touch’ – let’s rather call it distance control – on and around the greens.

It’s interesting that something which most people would put down to ‘touch’ could be so technical after all – only in golf! If you want to improve your tempo, all it takes is a video camera or a stopwatch and a little help from your PGA Professional. A little ‘refinement’ work should restore your stroke, and have you dropping that handicap in no time! Click here to book a lesson.

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