Is There Really Such a Thing as ‘Average’?

Greetings from Suzanne Thursday, 10 February 2011
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Pressure, fear and doubt are integral parts of the game of golf, and they’re all tough to overcome. But what, more than anything, sends your pulse racing and a rush of adrenalin surging through your body?

To many, the sight of a ball in a bunker leads to a sense of dread – it shouldn’t, bunker shots are really easy if you follow some simple technical steps and have the right hardware – but THE single obstacle; the hazard that consumes more golf balls and destroys more scorecards than any other, must surely be WATER.

There’s no greater example of this than the 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass (pictured). 

Every year, some 45,000 golfers take on this would-be ‘walk in the park’ Par 3. It only measures 132 yards (121 m) from the tee to a 4,000 square foot green, which is 78-foot (24 m) long and has only a tiny 55 square foot bunker in front of it for protection. No incline or slopes to worry about and no trees to get in the way of any ball flight… Easy right? Not when you surround the green with water it isn’t. Over 125,000 golf balls are retrieved from the water around this hole each year – that’s almost three per player!

Not even the Professionals seem to have much luck. Just ask Bob Tway; in the 2005 Players he signed for a 12 after only finding the green on the 5th attempt!

“It’s like having a 3 o’clock appointment for a root canal; you’re thinking about it all morning and you feel bad all day,” TOUR veteran Mark Calcavecchia says. “You kind of know sooner or later you’ve got to get to it.”

So what can a golfer do to improve his odds when the fear strikes and the pulse races? Simple. Firstly know your yardages; you need to know that a well struck 9-Iron will put you in the middle of the green if you’re to commit to the shot. Then you need a reliable pre-shot routine. In times of stress or pressure people go to what they know and what seems familiar; with a proper pre-shot routine your muscle memory will kick in and increase your chances of clearing whatever obstacle is giving you cause to worry.

Whether you need to accurately ‘distance map’ your bag or find yourself a routine that’s easily replicated we can help. Just swing by the shop and ask or click here to send me a message.


Many club golfers have a pronounced ‘shape’ to their shots; the result of their
swing path and the position of their clubface at impact imparting side spin on
their golf ball. This spin is increased should the ball’s flight path coincide with
the direction of the wind, and the hook or slice becomes far more severe.
It gets even worse. Hit a ball with too much spin into a headwind and you get
the ‘ballooning’ effect; the ball goes straight up, then comes back down – all in
all not the recipe you’re looking for. So what can you do to protect yourself against
these harmful effects? Well the easiest route is to book a couple of lessons with
your PGA Professional and learn to hit the ball straighter! If not, have a look at your
choice of golf ball…
If you struggle with a heavy slice or hook – or if you just hit the ball very high where the wind
tends to get hold of it – then try making a switch to a ball with a softer compression or a harder
cover. Have a look on the sleeves of a few golf ball packs next time you’re in the shop, most have
the information you need.
Even better idea – just ask us for help; we’re the experts! We’ll pick out a selection of balls that
suit your requirements. From there, it’s up to you to test them out. Find the one that ‘feels’ right
and stick to it!

We repeat the message constantly; there is no “one size fits all” in golf. But, if you shoot85 week-in-week-out, which part of your game do you need to look at in order to get that 

down to 79? That’s where stats offer so much value and, while you have to compare like to

like, it’s interesting to see where you stand compared to “the norm”.

By all means, use the above data as a benchmark but understand also that there an
infinite number of variables that can’t be accounted for between individuals: Age,
height, weight, athletic ability, how long you’ve been playing; and all these factors
contribute to your swing, and the resulting scores.

These numbers will provide the benchmark you need to help you improve your game,

giving you a target or a goal – something that you can compare to, aspire to and then

build upon. It’s like playing matchplay – against yourself! Just click on the icon on the

right to download my printable stats card.

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