Greetings from Suzanne Thursday, 03 March 2011
I am encouraging you all, when buying Golf Equipment in 2011, to stop and think about the result you are hoping to get, before you make the purchase. 

Anyone that is pulling a new Driver out of the rack and paying anywhere between $99 and $500, is doing so because they want extra distance, more time in the Fairway or just a Driver that they can hit consistently. Those are ‘results’ you are buying.

Let us help you. Call, email or just come through and see me and talk about what improvements you want this year. Come and talk about the result you want. And, if you see new equipment and technology as one way to more enjoyment, then please let us make sure you are going to get the most out of your purchase. That could easily be all of: more distance, more accuracy and more consistency.

See you on my Lesson T!

Wondered why I am so confident that I can deliver a better result for you if you let me fit
you for your golf club? There are so many fitting variables that influence each golfer’s ability
to get the club square to the ball at impact from a good swing path and angle of attack with
good club head speed. Look at the diagram below.
I have even fixed a damaging hook for one golfer, just by adding some tape below his grip.
A slightly thicker grip quietened his hands through the impact zone and now he plays with
a perfect draw.
And don’t get me started on Wedges and Putters. Clubs that you use 40+ times per round!
Start this season by making sure your Golf equipment fits your game and releases your
maximum potential.

All things being equal, and with no real obstacles in your way, from anywhere
within a few yards of the putting surface, any teacher would tell any student to
make use of the Putter. Simply put, it represents the option with the lowest risk
of failure.
Now put an obstacle in your path – some fringe or some rough for instance – and
all of a sudden the benefits of the rolling ball start to decrease. It’s difficult to
predict how a ball’s roll will be affected by the longer grass, then you have to
re-calculate for its speed when it gets to the green. At times like these, clever golfers
go to the chip shot.
At this point you don’t want to be thinking about the connection itself. You need
to be judging the distance and trajectory control required; all aspects controlled
by the right side.
So try out the drill below to help you add some consistency and confidence. 

Before attempting to chip, gain the feeling of throwing the ball underhand.
Hold the ball in your right hand, not too tight, but as you would imagine
gripping the club. Now, using an underhand action, throw the ball towards
the hole.
Next week we’ll look at pitching; a similar aspect of the game, but in the meantime, try out the
drill above and see if it works for your game. If it doesn’t, then come and see us; with a quick
assessment we’ll be able to show you what to work on.

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