Satisfied Customer!

Hey Suzanne,

I wanted to send you a quick update and a big thank you for the lessons you gave me this summer.   I’ve taken what you told me that last week to heart… trying to swing soft, not worry about distance and just hit straight, solid shots.

As a point of reference, the week before I started lessons with you, me and a friend played at Centennial together and I shot a 114.    Last Friday, I played with my dad and my brother and I shot a round of 84 including 3 birdies.   That’s a 30 stroke improvement!   I’m sure those results aren’t typical but the lessons helped me such a great deal.    I’m confident in my short game now and I’m playing from the fairways instead of from the woods.   I’ve only lost 1 ball the last 3 rounds I’ve played (before I was sometimes losing a dozen per round!).   I shot a 93 this afternoon at Avalon… I played there halfway through the lessons and shot 104 so a nice improvement there too.

Anyway, just wanted really to say thanks.    I asked you to get me to the point that I could play and enjoy it in 6 lessons and I wasn’t sure that would be possible but you did exactly that.   I’m playing with my father once a week and we’re really having a great time together… couldn’t ask for more than that.

– Greg A.

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