Getting the most distance off the Tee shouldn’t be a matter of luck. Spend the time letting us analyse your swing and we’ll make a difference to your performance and your enjoyment. And it doesn’t have to mean new equipment.



It’s not an uncommon story: “My Father gave me my first and only golf lesson, after which he said, ‘Get out there and enjoy this great game’”. Trouble is, for many the game then remains some sort of trial, testing their resolve and commitment.

Many golfers I talk to see lessons or coaching as an attempt by someone who is quite good at the game, to get them to take up positions they just can’t get into, or to perform biomechanical movements that they are uncomfortable with.

Please, place those thoughts on hold and, if possible, suspend your fears. Coaching starts with you. There is not a one-size-fits-all golf swing.

Assuming that you can make a full shoulder turn, there are still different hand positions at the top of the backswing, which are dependent upon a number of things, including your own physical characteristics.

For each of you, though, there is a position, for you, at the top of the backswing that will make it much easier to get the club on plane and on path to make good square contact, again within the physical constraints your own body commits you to. That will improve accuracy. That will improve distance. That will improve the enjoyment you get from the game.

As you think about your golf game over the winter, consider starting your next golf season with a commitment to your own personal improvement plan. It will lead to a lot more enjoyment and probably to you playing more golf.

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