Play it again Sam – The importance of Temp

Greetings from Suzanne Friday, 28 January 2011
As the season continues you’ll naturally be more inclined to play more golf, and that’s fantastic! But is the number of rounds you play connected to your enjoyment of the game? 

Take your touch and feel around the green as an example. At the start of the season you may feel like you’re putting and chipping with fingers made from solid steel but, as the season gets into full swing, you’ll start to become more at home. Muscle memory, experience and confidence combining with a bit of ‘local knowledge’ helping you paint a more accurate mental picture of every shot – and that means you have a better chance to execute.

But are you converting that advantage into results? If not – as I suspect may be the case with many of you – you know it, and it’s only natural that your frustration with your game will grow until you find yourself disheartened and unconfident. Maybe try some new things (which kind of defeats the point!)

The message this week is simple. Playing can be practice in itself, but only if you’re practicing the right things from the get go. Take time out and book yourself in for a short lesson and get the basics right. More golf should mean more enjoyment!

See you on my Lesson T!

Every golfer has an internal ‘stopwatch’ that will dictate the ideal pace at which
they will swing every club in the bag. Some players seem to swing with a slower,
more relaxed tempo – just look at Ernie “Big Easy” Els as a perfect example – while
others seem to attack the ball with more ferocity and venom.
Whatever your tempo, being able to find it, recognize it and repeat it will dictate how
solidly and consistently you will strike a golf ball, so it is therefore fundamental to
achieving that magical ‘touch’ – let’s rather call it distance control – on and around
the greens.

It’s interesting that something which most people would put down to ‘touch’ could be so
technical after all – only in golf! If you want to improve your tempo, all it takes is a video
camera or a stopwatch and a little help from your PGA Professional. A little ‘refinement’
work should restore your stroke, and have you dropping that handicap in no time! Speak
to your PGA / LPGA Professional to book a lesson.

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